How to Prevent Gum Disease

Do your gums bleed when you brush your teeth? If it does bleed, it could be the first signs of gum disease. Your dentist Ontario CA can give advice or offer treatments to prevent gum disease from developing further. If left untreated, it can lead to Periodontal disease. A problem that is much worse that can cause your teeth to fall out.  

Here’s how to prevent gum disease 

Brush and Floss your teeth twice a day 

Brushing alone can leave your mouth feeling fresh and clean. But it’s not enough. After you brush, there’s always a possibility that there are bits of food stuck in between your teeth. The only way you can easily remove those bits of food stuck in your teeth is by using dental floss. Be sure to floss your teeth every time you brush. It doesn’t matter which comes first as long as you do both at all times. 

Don’t smoke or quit smoking 

Smoking is a vice that will slowly kill you. It first affects your mouth, which serves as a portal for everything we take in. If you smoke too much, try to cut back until you can really quit. Nicotine build up facilitates the growth of bacteria which will attack your gums and teeth.  

Cut down intake of sweetened beverages 

Drinks with too much sugar are never good for your teeth and gums. Make sure to drink water every time you drink sweetened beverages. It’s to wash away the sugar that sticks in between your teeth and gums that promote bacteria growth. Cutting down your intake of sweetened beverages also lowers your risk of developing diabetes and weight gain.  

Have a healthy diet 

A healthy diet is good for our overall state of health. It can seriously prevent tooth decay because unhealthy food causes plaque build-up. When we take in sweetened beverages, the plaque that comes into contact with sugar releases acids that attack our teeth and gums. Having a healthy diet goes a long way in protecting our oral health. 

Visit your Dentist at least twice a year          

Our dentist is the best person who can help us improve or maintain the condition of our oral health. Regular visits can help them detect any signs of underlying problems and address them immediately. It is recommended to undergo oral prophylaxis or professional teeth cleaning twice a year. If you don’t have any reasons to visit your dentist, dental cleaning can be your valid reason. 

Gum Disease is totally preventable. We must let go of our bad habits and develop the good ones. Gum disease can be easily avoided only if we choose to live a healthy lifestyle.